Get Your Lease
Rental Discounting
Done Right

  • Lease Rental Discounting loan (LRD) is a type of loan in which you can avail loans on the basis of current and future rental income, value of the property and discounted value of rentals. It is granted against the rental receipts from tenant.
  • It helps the owners to utilize their property in a much more effective way. One can take one loan against the capital value of the property.  The other loan is secured by the cash flow that the property might produce. Therefore, opting for such loans provide much required liquidity.
  • If you are earning rent out of a commercial or residential property which is occupied by the tenants, certainly the tenants would have agreed upon a lease agreement for few years. The financier evaluates the total rent amount which you derive from the tenant within the course of lease term. The rate for this type of loan differs from one financier to another financier. The variation in the interest rate may depend on the loan amount, type of property and the rental revenues.
  • The pre-payment of the loan can be done at any given time after six months from the date of final disbursement of the loan. 

Features & Benefits

Loan Amount

Under LRD a Client can avail a loan of up to Rs.100 crores


You can get LRD upto 15 years long term solution

Interest rate

We make sure our clients get the best possible rates

Top up

We help get top up funding over and above the existing LRD


  • Age : Anyone looking for a loan should be between 21 to 70 years old.
  • Credit Score : There is no exact credit score benchmark fixed for loans. Although, to avail lower interest rates, you need a credit score of 720 or above.
  • Income Requirements : Finaider considers 60% to 90 % of your monthly rental income towards EMI.
  • Tenant Credentials : The profile and credentials of the tenant plays a vital role in determining the sanctioning of the loan.