If emergencies made you borrow at very high-interest rates on multiple occasions in the past; we offer you a chance to turn bad deals into good deals. Don’t miss this chance. Loan evaluation process of Finaider is designed in such a way that a genuine borrower always receives faster loan approval at the best commercials.

When you have various kinds of loans running with multiple financiers, you are always burdened to maintain an adequate balance in all accounts. Your EMI schedule will put pressure on financial budgeting due to the difference in the EMI amount, interest rate, EMI dates and other conditions of loans.

In addition to this, if you use credit cards, you will always be under pressure to clear your outstanding credit card bills before your free credit period ends, to avoid steep penalties.

When you opt for a debt consolidation advisory from us, we will help you to reassess, reconstruct and manage limited loan account with comfortable repayment terms.

Features & Benefits

Get Loan at low Interest Rate

Opt for an affordable loan at low interest rate to repay all existing high interest-bearing loans.

Timeframe to pay off Loan

From 12 months to 240 months, you can select any comfortable tenure.

Pre payment

Prepay loan as and when you wish to.

Limiting number of EMIs

Instead of worrying about multiple EMIs, integrate multiple smaller loans into one.